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Letterpress is a relief printing process in which wood or metal type is set, inked and pressed into paper.  Most contemporary letterpress shops have adopted the use of polymer plates rather than movable type. This allows more flexibility for the designer.

What Type Of Paper Is Recommended For Letterpress Printing?

Letterpress printing is best suited for cotton papers but can also be used on a wide range of other stocks.

Our in house letterpress stocks are all 100% recycled cotton and come in many different  shades and colours.

What Should Designers Keep In Mind When Designing For Letterpress Printing?

Designers should understand that letterpress is printed a single colour at a time.

The more colours the designs have the more times the paper must be run through the press.

Matching Pantone colour swatches can occasionally present a challenge, as the swatches themselves are printed offset (a lithographic process that involves ink and water).

Letterpress printing uses 100% true ink which is directly laid onto the surface of the paper.

What Is Our Letterpress Printing Process?

1) Discuss project details with client and determine required design files.

2) A letterpress die(s) of the desired image or text for printing is then created.

3) Any pantone colours are hand mixed to specific formulas.

4) The letterpress die(s) is then mounted to a plate on one of our Original Heidelberg Presses for production.

5) If there are multiple colours they go through the press more than once.

How Long Does A Letterpress Printing Order Take To Complete?

The time it takes to complete a letterpress printing project depends on the stock chosen, the amount of colours and the quantity.

Typically between 3-6 business days is standard for turn-around time of a Letterpress project.

How Much Does Letterpress Printing Cost?

As every project is custom the price is difficult to determine before a consultation.

The number of dies required, the type of paper, and the quantity of project required are the key variables.

We are happy to discuss your letterpress printing project with you to give you an accurate estimate.

Letterpress Printing Examples

Please check out our Letterpress Printing Portfolio to see a variety of our work.

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