Hot Foil Stamping

Hot Foil Stamping

House of Foil - Hot Foil Stamping

Hot Foil Stamping is a unique printing process in which an image or text is highlighted on the product it is being applied on with metallic foil. 

Hot foil stamping is commonly used on a wide range of stationery products, for example, business cards and invitations.

Combining Hot Foil Stamping With Other Print Techniques

Hot foil stamping can be used with offset printing, digital printing, and letterpress printing.

We often see this used for logos, company names and other important aspects of a design.

Limitations Of Hot Foil Stamping

From a production standpoint, the main limitation with hot foil stamping is that only one colour can be applied at a time. 

With the exception of pantone colours, foil used in hot foil stamping comes in just about every conceivable colour and most colours even come in different shades.

The most popular hot foil stamping colors are silver and gold.

Hot Foil Stamping Process

1) Discuss project details with client and determine required design files.

2) A metal die of the desired image or text for foil stamping is then created. 

3) The metal die is then mounted to a heat plate on one of our Original Heidelberg Presses for production.

4) Variables such as heat plate temperature and press stamping pressure are adjusted to ensure a high quality and consistent finish.

How Long Does The Hot Foil Stamping Process Take To Complete?

The time it takes to complete a hot foil stamping project depends on variables such as metal die fabrication, number of foil colors being applied, number of units required, and whether specialty paper has to be ordered in for the project.

Our standard timing is 2-5 days, however, can extend beyond that given the above variables.

Budgeting For Hot Foil Stamping

Hot Foil Stamping is typically more expensive then offset or digital printing because there is more work involved in the manufacturing process.

Every project is unique and price is difficult to quantify without first evaluating the number of metal dies required, the paper being used, and the quantity of product required.

We are happy to discuss your hot foil stamping project with you to give you an accurate estimate.

Hot Foil Stamping Examples

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