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Foil Stickers are Hot Foil Stamped images on label stock that can be peeled and applied to other surfaces. They can be produced on either rolls or flat sheets depending on how intricate they are and the clients requirements.

What Type Of Foil Stickers Do We Make?

There are many different types of Foil Stickers we can produce.

Tamper proof Foil Stickers for packaging, Foil Sticker Holograms for sports memorabilia, Foil and Embossed Seals for certificates are the most common.

These are provided on rolls or sheets so clients can remove and apply them at there convenience.

What Is The Process For Making Foil Stickers?

The process for making Foil Stickers starts with discussing what they will be used for.

The quantity, type of label stock and amount of colours will dictate whether or not we produce them on sheets or rolls.

Once that has been clarified we make a metal foil die of the image and a die cut die for the shape of the label.

We than Hot Foil Stamp the image on the the label stock and cut the shape of the Foil Sticker afterwards.

If it’s an Embossed Foil Sticker we would make an emboss die and emboss the Foil Sticker prior to Die Cutting the shape.

How Long Do Foil Stickers Take To Complete?

The time it takes to complete a Foil Stickers order depends on quantity, how many colours of foil and which  label stock is required.

3-5 business days is our standard turn-around time for Foil Stickers.

How Much Do Foil Stickers Cost?

Since all Foil Stickers are custom the price is difficult to determine without knowing all the variables.

The quantity of Foil Stickers required, the type of Foil Stickers and if they are produced on rolls or sheets will effect the cost.

We are happy to discuss your Foil Stickers with you to give you an accurate estimate.

Foil Stickers Examples

Visit our Foil Stickers Portfolio to see a variety of our work.

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