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Embossing is the process in which the surface of the paper is raised with an image or text using a metal die. This adds a textural and visual element to stationary that represents luxury and elegance.

What Is The Difference Between Embossing And Debossing?

Embossing and Debossing are similar in process as both use metal dies with polymer counter dies.

The difference is that embossing raises the image or text above the paper surface and debossing pushes the image or text below the paper surface.

What Stocks Are Best Suited For Embossing?

While any stock can be used for Embossing projects the artwork will dictate what stock will have the most impact on the final product.

Certain elements of a design will work better on thinner stocks then on thicker stocks and vice versa.

We will discuss the best option during the consultation.

What Is The Difference Between Blind Emboss And Registered Emboss?

Registered Emboss is when a printed image or text is raised using the metal die. This leaves a textural finish that can be felt and seen in certain light.

Blind Emboss is when just the stock has an image or text raised without any printing on the raised area.

This result is more visible than Registered Emboss because the shadows from the raised paper are more noticeable when there is no printing.

Can Embossing Be Used With Hot Foil Stamping?

Embossing can be used with any print methods including Hot Foil Stamping.

Embossing an image or text that has been Hot Foil Stamped first adds another level of distinction and luxury to the project.

This process requires 2 metal dies, one for Hot Foil Stamping and one for Embossing.

This also requires the sheet of paper to be put through the press two times.

How Much Does Embossing Cost?

As every project is custom the price is difficult to determine before a consultation.

The number and size of dies required, the type of paper, and the quantity of project required are the key variables.

We are happy to discuss your Embossing project with you to give you an accurate estimate.

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