Die Cutting

Die Cutting

House Of Foil - Die Cutting

Die cutting is a process in which we take a custom shape and create a metal die on a wood base.

This die is than mounted onto one of our presses and is used to cut out that shape or design from the paper.

What Stocks Are Best Suited For Die Cutting?

Die cutting can be done on all stocks no matter of thickness or textures.

We recommend certain stocks over others for specific types of applications such as using a card stock for a door hangers as these would require a more firm paper to hang onto the door without tearing.

Can Die Cutting Be Used In Combination With Other Print Services?

Yes, die cutting can be used with any of our other print services such as Hot Foil Stamping, Letterpress Printing, Embossing etc.

The extent of how they can be used together would be discussed prior to production.

What Are Limitations Of Die Cutting?

The limitations with die cutting are usually limited to the artwork and type of stock being used.

Intricate shapes can be challenging when making the dies so certain elements might need to be changed in order to work properly.

Does The House Of Foil Have Existing Shapes / Dies That Can Be Used For Other Projects?

Yes, we have over 1000 existing dies that we have available for clients.

From different size circles to custom invitation shapes there are many options that can work.

If we don’t have a shape that will work with a clients design than we can have it made specifically for you.

How Long Does Die Cutting Take To Complete??

The time it takes to complete a Die Cutting project depends on whether or not we have to make a new die, what other printing process is involved and the quantity required.

Typically between 1-3 business days is our standard turn-around time for a Die Cutting project using an existing House of Foil die.

When making a new die is required it is generally 2-4 business days.

How Much Does Die Cutting Cost?

As every project is custom the price is difficult to determine before a consultation.

Whether an existing House of Foil die can be used or a new one has to be made, what other printing processes are involved and the quantity of project required are the key variables.

We are happy to discuss your Die Cutting project with you to give you an accurate estimate.

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